Macrocycles, a promising alternative to small molecules and biopharmaceuticals

Macrocycles are a unique drug class, typically with a molecular weight between 400 and 2'000 and chemically defined by a ring structure, offering a promising alternative to small molecules and biopharmaceuticals due to their size, structure, stability and specificity. Polyphor has established two complementary innovative, proprietary macrocycle technologies with the aim to discover and develop new medicines for unmet medical needs. Traditional small molecule drugs address only a fraction of the therapeutically relevant targets, and it is believed that many of the new targets involve large surface protein-protein interactions (PPI). Polyphor’s MacroFinder® and PEMfinder® technologies were specifically developed for discovering potent and selective modulators of PPI and other challenging targets.

Both MacroFinder® and PEMfinder® molecules are fully synthetic, macrocyclic molecules with MW’s between 400 to 2'000 and thus cover an alternative molecular diversity space with respect to traditional small molecules and biopharmaceuticals.



MacroFinder® and PEMfinder® molecules were both designed to modulate complex PPI targets, however, the two technologies generate molecules with complementary properties. PEMfinder® addresses mainly extracellular large surface PPI-targets, whereas MacroFinder® molecules are designed to penetrate into the cells to hit intracellular PPIs and with the potential for oral delivery.