CXCR4 antagonist POL6326

The Company's PEMdrug candidate POL6326 is a potent and selective antagonist of the chemokine receptor CXCR4. This reversible CXCR4 antagonist mobilizes stem cells from the bone marrow into the circulating blood. This effect can be therapeutically used for stem cell transplantation, tissue repair, and the treatment of cancer and inflammation.

POL6326 has successfully completed first Phase I clinical trials and has shown to be generally safe and well tolerated. The compound is currently being investigated in three different areas. In the first indication, POL6326 is applied in a combination therapy together with a marketed chemotherapeutic agent to treat patients with metastatic breast cancer in a Phase I study. In a second Phase I/II trial, POL6326 is used to mobilize and collect hematopoietic stem cells from donors, which are transplanted to leukemia patients. The third indication concerns tissue repair in acute myocardial infarction where POL6326 may support the repair of the heart muscle after an infarction by mobilizing stem cells.

Licensing opportunities with POL6326 include the following segments:

  • i.v and s.c. indications including stem cell transplantation, oncology, tissue repair
  • inflammation (inhalation)