Our mission and values

Polyphor is a Swiss Pharma company focusing on the discovery and development of macrocycle drugs addressing high unmet medical needs. These macrocycles represent a new drug class complementary to the classical small molecules and large biopharmaceuticals.

Polyphor’s competitive edge is based on its two proprietary, innovative and complementary technologies, PEMfinder® and MacroFinder®. The company is developing a pre-clinical and clinical portfolio of own drug candidates in important disease areas. In addition, both macrocycle technologies are used in collaborative drug discovery projects with Pharma companies. Polyphor focuses on the therapeutic benefit to the patient, the best guarantee for economic success in our view.

Our co-workers

Polyphor’s co-workers are distinguished by a high level of personal dedication and motivation. Their passion for science and their job enables Polyphor to stand out from its competitors. We encourage, motivate and retain entrepreneurial, pro-active and hardworking employees who think “out of the box”. We nurture a working environment stimulating individual development and team spirit and provide an atmosphere where employees can feel proud of their achievements and their contributions to the success of Polyphor. We promote the further training and education of our co-workers, both internally and externally, to maintain technical and scientific abilities at the top level.

Our sustainability objectives and long term view

Polyphor’s stakeholders focus on sustainable development. We are convinced that our company is on track to achieve long term success by continuing to provide sustainable benefits to patients, co-workers, shareholders and society as well as added value to its Pharma partners.